Steffie Limère

Founder Unfolding Events

Monika Kosman

Stage Manager

Adina Rizga

Art Director

About the founder

Steffie Limère is a passion driven event manager. Originally from Belgium, she started making events from when she was little, gathering friends and family and creating experiences for them.

In 2013 she moved to Denmark, where she organized her first big event in 2015. Together with Adam Montandon she created her own conference concept called Factory of Imagination, a factory that produces ideas, not things. 500 curious people came together in a transformed fantasy factory to listen to the most inspiring people in the world from companies like Google and NASA.

She got 60 volunteers engaged to help her and turned them into passioneers, volunteers driven by passion. The event was a huge success and went on again the next year where it was double as big.

It inspired them and local government and entrepreneurs to bring other events to Odense, Denmark. Together with Adam, she started the first TEDx event in Odense, with TEDxEAL in 2015 and 2016, growing into TEDxOdense, a city level event, bringing together local speakers, sharing their ideas worth spreading to a sold out Odense Theatre.

“Our mission with Unfolding Events is to keep on creating impactful experiences through events for both our clients, event participants and our fantastic volunteers”

Next to making her own events she helps other events with her event and volunteer management skills. Working together with companies like the European Space Agency, Syddansk Universitet, Thinkers50, The City of Odense, Technology Denmark and more.

Besides organizing events she is part of the jury for the European Youth awards, created and runs the women’s network Women of Tomorrow in Odense together with Mette Regitze Rahbek and travels to TEDx events around the world.

She cares about inspiring others, which she does through creative workshops and inspiring keynotes to the next generation of event managers and female entrepreneurs.