What we can do for you:

Speaker management:

As soon as a speaker is booked, we take care of the practical communication regarding flights, accommodation, ground transportation and all arrangements for the event and their presentation.

Floor management:

During the event we make sure everything runs smoothly behind the scenes, so you are able to focus on networking. We make a rundown sheet for the day, which is a master plan of what is happening when and where and keep you updated as the event unfolds.

Stage management:

We work together with your nominated professional light and sound company to make sure the stage runs smoothly on the day. This includes: Making the stage rundown sheet, coordinating speaker sound checks, and prop management.

Volunteer management:

We select a group of ambitious and dedicated volunteers, working with them from recruitment, to training, motivation, task development and coordination. We build on their passion for your particular event, generating a great and rewarding atmosphere.

Logistics management:

We offer end-to-end logistics for your event, from the moment the venue is booked. We use our tried and tested checklists to ensure and track progress so you can see your event coming together. We can also manage just a part of your fantastic event in cooperation with your team.

Sponsor logistics:

We take care of all practical arrangements needed to deliver on the promises made to sponsors. Everything from brand visibility to reserve seating to facilitate personal meet and greets with the speakers.

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Have you considered involving volunteers in your next event?

We develop volunteer programs, where a mix of young professionals and students can join the event as a volunteer, contributing with their talents in hospitality, social media, photography etc., getting a rich experience in return.

Do you already work with volunteers but need help with recruitment, management and/or motivating your volunteers?

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  1. We give people our trust, that we believe in them to create something great.
  2. Instead of to do’s, We give small suggestions, which are just enough to get a volunteer started in the right direction, but keeps enough freedom to make it their own creation.
  3. We share our vision with them and invite them to add to it, so it becomes OUR vision
  4. We treat our passioneers as the most important part of the event, which they are. Once you realize and act on this, they will act on it too.
  5. We create a bond of trust and a safe environment. It lets our passioneers feel like they can come with any idea or problem.