On a day-to-day basis, Steffie Limère Fugl helps her volunteers bring their ideas to life, enabling them to unleash their potential to become ‘passioneers’ and inspire others to do the same. In this motivating talk at TEDxTUM, she describes how she built a community of these passioneers based on a
‘do-ocracy’, and went from the crazy idea of taking over an old warehouse to what is now the largest imagination event in Denmark.

Factory of Imagination Workshops

At the Factory of Imagination interactive workshop you get to fire up the machinery of your mind. You learn wild and wacky thought processes that stretch your mind and bring your ideas to life.

Find more detailed information about this workshop in our two-pager.

Interview by Foreignerd

Foreignerd is a video blog focusing on finding the stories behind talented and thriving foreigners. In the interview Steffie talks about her story and how the Danish Jantelov can be in favor of foreigners living in Denmark.