Ecology of Care examines the fundamental reasons of why we do things and how we do them in relation to the many aspects of society and the challenges we face.

On a global scale, the worlds of technology and nature are out of balance, and this provides many new opportunities for innovation and the advancement of science at the highest level.

The 2016 International Congress was held in November in Copenhagen. With a focus on (in)forming an Ecology of Care : A gathering of experts with a vision for Care.

Ian Coxon

Steffie Limere has a warm, friendly personality; a beaming and genuine smile, with a respectful manner that gets the most out of all strata within the project team. Her project management style showcases strong personal initiative; she takes ownership of the responsibilities placed on her and she follows through methodically and thoroughly. She is dedicated and talented, and wholeheartedly cares about the product she delivers. I hope to have the occasion to work with Steffie on many more occasions and would unreservedly recommend her to those who need skilled assistance with event management.

Ian Coxon
Founder Ecology of Care


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